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I love animals and agree we just can stop every noncritical action just because money is tight and the economy is bad (buying a 58ft billboard is good for business, thanks PETA!) but it would be nice to see effort put towards more worthy causes starving people for example. PETA is simply too radical and loses mainstream support with their tactics. I have never heard of this woman but I am sure she enjoys a good steak now and then.

If you have a sedentary life, you do need to work on that. Get a gym membership, go with a friend, classes, whatever you gotta do. 10k steps is a great goal. The crowd all seemed to fit a “goth” stereotype appearance wise maybe it was a themed night or just one of their weirder nights? I not sure.I think it was weird for us because we went in expecting a pub since we were out bar hopping when one the girls suggested we go meet up with her friend there. That said, we did enjoy our time there, it just that we went in not knowing what to expect.Because SVS 1871 spreads primarily by way of writing and radio broadcast (siehe: “H. Himmler: Die Nutzung der Haushuhn Herrenrasse bei der Verbreitungsvektoranalyse memetischer Anomalien, insbesondere SVS 1871”), a strict monitoring of newspapers, pamphlets and news broadcasts must be instituted across Mitteleuropa and any further countries with high potential infection factors, such as the [DATEN GELSCHT] and the Spanish Kingdom (for a full list, personnel with security clearance level above Oberleutnant (An.) may consult Addendum 1871 R).

It’s the law.Vice President Joe Biden said to me, “If a guy goes out and gets drunk, walks out of a bar and then gets mugged, who do we arrest? Do we arrest HIM for being in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong condition? No. We arrest the robber.” If a woman is attacked by someone she knows, someone she’s married to or someone she trusts, why do we blame HER for what she’s wearing, what she said or for her supposed lack of self respect?Why do we sit back in judgment of her? Why do we ever say to ourselves, “Maybe she deserved it. Maybe she provoked him.” Why do we give an abuser a pass and a victim incrimination?Well let me ask you this: What if it was your life? What if it was your face, your stomach, your heart taking the beatings day after day after day?What if it was your daughter? Your sister? Your friend?Unless you’ve walked in her shoes, don’t judge her.

It seems that many individuals are perhaps getting a message from this, why is there so much concern about finding which religion to blame for what is happening out there? I don think we should be putting each other down, instead think about the poor people who are suffering and being treated unjustly, and figure out a way to solve it that doesn involve violence or disrespect towards the religous beliefs of others, which may or may not have anything to do with what is happening. How about you all toss out some HELPFUL suggetions, this story is suppose to bring attention to the awful treatement to human beings (our brothers and sisters) and we should use the information to educate others arounds us and take action. Enough with the hate already!.

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