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One partner using the other partner weight loss journey as a reason for control and judgment doesn sound healthy. I not the original person you responded to, but there a difference between a shared weight loss journey vs. One partner losing and the other partner using it as a way to control him or her or make her feel “less than.”.

I don find Dave Rubin to have any original ideas. I don find his lectures to be thought provoking or particularly good to be quite honest. I listen to his podcast when he has someone interesting on, as you mentioned before. Chad Allan, this is where the rational thought process goes off the deep end for you. Having the is just an opinion position is what I have coined as the ESPN First Take syndrome. They take a topic, and have 2 conflicting opinions.

Merritt is a grown man, isn’t he? I can’t find an age for him. Which lead me to: not that it’s any of my business, but 2009 was only three years ago. When did his evangelical career begin? Anyway, the topic is not uninteresting.. Was a Jew. I mean, if you want to tell me Jews aren white, okay. But he Jewish.

Simply because if I didn’t, I’d never get another one. Ageism amongst employers is so rife, it is virtually impossible for executives who aren’t in the top 2% of high flyers to get a job after the age of 50. I don’t look or behave in the way the average 35 yer old would assume a 58 year old behaves.

5 points submitted 2 months agoAnd while Paul George moved from the East to the West, him on that Pacers team was definitely not a real contender if we are talking about actually winning a ring. He definitely thought going to OKC would help his chances in winning a ring.Jimmy did not/does not have a great chance either way but there more potential on this Wolves team.Well historically rooted in what sense? I think if we are talking about in relations to their period in history then yes I agree with you, but in relations to art history (or perhaps the timeline of art instead of art history since the latter is a part of human history) then the relationship between the pieces is quite amazing IMO.Met’s “Unfinished” show where about half of all work post 1965 might be process oriented, but certainly wasn’t actually unfinished.Everything I said above was in regards to the Frans Hals Museum exhibition. Any examples of works that weren actually unfinished in the Met show? 2 points submitted 2 months agoI think for me the issue ends up being of how we got from A to B, more than that artists like Hals have influenced contemporary artists, if that makes sense.

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