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This includes posts for people you know, your friends, your family, etc. So if they on your face, no one would ever know the difference. And if you weren really inspecting them, you wouldn know either. George Washington was elected in 1789 and planning/preparations for a permanent federal city began almost immediately. Washington was in charge and deeply involved in the process. His three commissioners named the city “Washington, DC” in 1791, so while everyone working on this project was officially and consistently referring to it as Washington DC, George always responded in conversation and writing as “the federal city” because “Washington DC” made him uncomfortable, which he expressed in journals..

Basically if they had other business come in and do stuff (like paint the walls or weekly maintenance), the liquidated money will go to those people first. I don know the whole order, but I do know that shareholders get paid last. Preferred shares are still at the end, but are in front of common stock.

Many Europeans eye the months ahead with foreboding. They see anti establishment parties on the ascendancy. Angela Merkel for so long Frau Europe may lose power. I can see the results of my shooting immediately and adjust settings accordingly. I don’t have to drop over a hundred bucks a month on film and development anymore and I never wanted to have my own dark room. It is really sad to see Canon do this though.

A mirage is an optical illusion caused by the reflection of light that can make an object appear distorted, closer to you, or above or below where it actually exists. Mirages form when light rays are bent as the path of the ray crosses layers of air that have different densities. The technical term for this is refraction.

There’s a larger story too: the pressure that regulators are, rightly or wrongly, putting on broadcasters to avoid offensive words and phrases in music and the greater public scrutiny that broadcasters are under. There’s a big debate going on about violence, lyrical content and sexism in hip hop lyrics and homophobia in reggae dancehall. Again, it’s for you to decide whether this scrutiny is right or wrong an infringement of artistic creativity or a justified defence of minority interests or perhaps just meddling by journalists? That’s a debate for another day but this debate is helping to shape the landscape of modern music broadcasting..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThere’s a lot about CES to dislike the crushing crowds, the waves upon waves of hype, the unabashed consumerism. But there are the sublime moments that almost almost make it all worthwhile.I was lucky enough to experience one of those moments yesterday when I rode in the Carnegie Mellon/GM robot car. I rode in the passenger seat and was rendered thoroughly breathless as the steering wheel turned by itself while the car wheeled around its test track.It’s the sort of thing I had imagined since I was a kid, and there I was, being chauffeured around by a machine.

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