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I doubt many gyrated in leggings and a bra in front of Jacques Louis David’s monumental canvas The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon (1806 7) as Beyonc does in the video, but I imagine people will now. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking..

So this was in one of the news articles of that story so the media is going to believe the online comments versus getting the actual facts of the story idk what was said i wasnt there so idk whay the real intent of the lady was if she did call because of that then she can go fuck herself but if there was something else that this wasnt the full story then people cry wolf and its a shame.blcklbelsdmf 1 points submitted 2 days agothats not true people are treated by how they act towards other people you cant say one person is being treated unfairly by another if that one person is in the wrong towards that individual but yes people dont see the while picture and or dont know the whole story and people want to jump to racism to end the argument faster and or if they are wrong and the facts are true they will cry racism which is the easy way out and does not get the situation resolved no one wants to be held accountable anymore for their actions or wrong doings and they use an escape goat like racism and which how many events have thier been lately with the race card been thrown around and the situations are untrue. Where is that line drawn on crying wolf vs actual racism in the real worldwhat do you want the police to do not patrol those areas and let them run down thier own town or city that goes for any city state suburb rural town whatever if there is no law and order then there is chaos.but if the police stop a vehicle and they find the driver is driving withoit a license or has felonys or whatever they are already on the defensive side.i understand we want to live in a utopic world everybody gets along and wants peace and love and no hate but not every single person is going to conform and you cant make people do that they have to willing do that for themselves.the point is the accountability and the respect has gone out the window and its hurting no those who say they are effected but every one else around society isClubLowlow 17 points submitted 15 days agoGrowing up, we didn have cable. One of the few things worthwhile on to watch was the Blues on Channel 11.

I always thought he was an adorable dad in the series. I Candice Bure age and when I was watching live on TGIF, I thought Danny was such a nice dad. I always kept this mental picture of him until I saw him many years later, doing stand up. APR had a more “boosted” feel and Uni has a feel that feels more like “faster” stock. I didn think this car had an issue in terms of low end and mid range grunt, only on top end. Uni addressed that way better than APR.

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