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The foundational claim of Mormonism is that personal revelation can trump what came before. God called Joseph out of nowhere. He can do it at any time and declare all prior churches to be in apostasy. I wager it makes her a less than viable candidate on a fundamental level. Saying she should be in jail is heartily misinformed, and it pales in comparison to the scope of Donald Trump litigations on the same fundamental level. That anyone thinks defrauding vulnerable Americans of millions of dollars in an education scam is somehow a lesser evil than how someone handled sensitive data as a high ranking official is seriously stupid.

Not trying to be a dick but it sounds look you have way more learning to do. I built 10+ models this year alone for clients and I can tell you how all of them are making decisions. All of the bullet points you listed out don apply to all jobs. I don’t know the specific brief template, but a consumer benefit is usually what benefit will make people interested in the product. They are usually rational or emotional benefits. For deodorant it could be ‘this covers up your BO’ or ‘this doesn’t leave white marks on clothes’ or ‘this is all natural’ or it could be ‘this will help you get girls’ or ‘this gives you confidence’..

But they last twice as long, and use 28% less power.With LEDs, the saving are even greater. While a 40 watt LED goes for about $7.50 a big drop from the $50 or so it cost just a few years back it uses 85% less energy than a traditional bulb.Over the course of the year, a LED will consume about $2 in power under normal circumstances, said Mark Voykovik, national light bulb merchant for Home Depot (HD). That compares to over $7 for an incandescent.”In two years, you pay off that bulb,” said Voykovik.

At herbalife we are proud of the fact that we have an unrivalled business opportunity. The herbalife president, like the CEO used to work at the Walt Disney company the parent of ABC news. Speaking before the federal investigations were made public, Walsh strongly denied its distributors are misled about prospects of getting rich saying most of them only want the product for themselves or little extra income.

My only son is four and is autistic. He is part of a special needs program. I have met all his teachers and aids, and I think they are all wonderful people. You can support SDG 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions by seeking peaceful resolution of conflict when disagreements arise around you. You can be part of the solution by taking small steps. You can prevent an injustice at school or in your community by adopting a non violent approach to problem solving and reporting potential crimes, including online bullying..

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