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Playing off the Tentacruel example you gave above while you can always tweak teams as you ladder and expose weaknesses, if removing one Pokmon from your team makes the team less strong, don’t be afraid to start over. Building as often as possible actually helps you get better because you start to see recurring weaknesses and strengths and learn the meta better that way. Grab common cores and think about what you need to flesh them out.

If you want to take these family members on what they have originally been quoted as saying, lets do the same with the Zimmerman family. The brother has said publicly that Trayvon attacked him from behind while the father says Trayvon walked right up to Zimmerman and addressed him verbally to his face. Zimmerman brother says there was a fight for the gun, while Zimmerman father mentions no such thing in his account of events..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileAs Techcrunch notes, it’s just the latest peripheral project of Yahoo’s to bite the dust since the company underwent a management shake up earlier this month, joining the likes of Yahoo Photos, Yahoo Auctions, music playlist project WebJay and Yahoo Bill Pay (slated for Sept./Oct. Shutdown).Yahoo’s house cleaning coincides with its renewed push into markets led by rivals Google and Microsoft. Earlier this month, the company announced plans to purchase Zimbra which specializes in selling e mail software and hosting services to businesses, universities and internet service providers and BlueLithium, an internet direct marketing network.The moves and the company’s low stock price have some observers bullish on Yahoo’s prospects, while others are more cautious.As Mobilcaster blog points out, it’s likely Yahoo got out of audio podcasting not because the medium is being squeezed out by the emergence of video, but because it wasn’t part of their core business.

Ioma Jones contacted me from her home in Ireland to ask for help tracing further information relating to her great grandmother. Family legend was that she was left on a doorstep in Cwmbach in Glamorgan but unfortunately Ioma has such few details it’s hard to even pin down the correct birth entry for her grandmother Eleanor Evans, later the wife of Harry Russell. Ioma knows they were buried in Brithdir so perhaps someone in that area might know more.

But more interesting is how they figured this shit out in ancient times. There a great chapter in the James A. Michener novel “The Source” about an ancient city in the fertile crescent under seige that had to craft a tunnel to the well outside the city walls.

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