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Please try reading the article. Gore put the case into the courts. If Gore had won there would have been a recount of each county and Gore would have lost. The notes, however, that the various challenges and threats to international peace and security posed by illicit cross border trafficking and movement have increased as the world has become more interconnected. The notes that, in a globalized society, organized criminal groups and networks, better equipped with new information and communications technologies, are becoming more diversified and connected in their illicit operations, which in some cases may aggravate threats to international security.”The reaffirms that securing their borders is the sovereign prerogative of Member States and, in this context, reaffirms its commitment to the Purposes and Principles of the United Nations Charter, including the principles of sovereign equality and territorial integrity. The calls on all Member States to improve border management to effectively constrain the spread of transnational threats.

They also eliminated unfinished gabardine trousers, which is a joke you can get them in retail stores and once the online stock is gone, that it so buy the longest inseam you can (near as I can tell, that would be 34) and hope there enough material sewn up the inside and that you short enough that your tailor can still add cuffs. Same thing with the Hudson fit chinos, slimmed them down, yet also added an obnoxious elastic “comfort” waist. Fuck that noise.

From Toronto too. I worked in so many companies but I hardly saw any Jewish of any kind working. I can count the women on one hand and they were not religious. Also, don come at me with the MMM Gats argument. The MMM Gats are based on normal Gats which are literally just low cost trainers meant to be beat to hell. The only reason people pay that much for them is because they MaIsOn MaRtIn MaRgIeLa.

ANTHONY ANDANJE (Kenya), associating with the African Group and the Non Aligned Movement, said that none of today’s global challenges could be solved by any one nation, no matter how powerful. Multilateralism was, therefore, imperative. And yet military spending, instead of being cut, was increasing at an alarming rate.

Here an article discussing the problem:Here the law and an excerpt:”(d)State of distillation. Except in the case of “light whisky”, “blended light whisky”, “blended whisky”, “a blend of straight whiskies”, or “spirit whisky”, the State of distillation shall be shown on the label of any whisky produced in the United States if the whisky is not distilled in the State given in the address on the brand label. The appropriate TTB officer may, however, require the State of distillation to be shown on the label or he may permit such other labeling as may be necessary to negate any misleading or deceptive impression which might be created as to the actual State of distillation.

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