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Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device. (Toronto Sun)The Toronto Transit Commission is coming under fire after the emergence of a picture. Continue reading this post.

Taboo breaking pop art: in Pakistan aren as docile as people imagine them to be is one ofPakistan best known and highest paid actresses, even making an appearance at Cannes this year representing L Pakistan. For her,7 Din Mohabbat In was a chance to perform an out and out comic character, largely very different from the roles she usually gets. Her most recent performance includes the Bollywood movie Raees (2017), playing the love interest to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan turn as a bootlegger turned politician.

They had a good amount of loot, decide to throw him the money. I give the Wild magic sorceror a roll and of course he sprouts wings and can fly for an hour. He goes down, tries to kill the full health bandit, fails horribly, and the ship gets shot down.

She is one of 15Asian American and Pacific Islander women who will be honored Monday at the White House for extraordinary things to create a more equal, safe, and prosperous future for their communities and the country. The event is part of the White House of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. FULL POST.

In the old days it was off down to the generic music store and parting with 11.99 for the CD. No more. Pirated tracks, Limewire and Pirate Bay have all moved into the history of file sharing now it’s good old YouTube that’s the big player in the new music second listen and research stage.

I’ve interviewed the dinner ladies and they’ve told me about the different things they use instead of lard, and how healthy we should be eating their meals. It was really quite fun in the morning. I wasn’t rushing around too much. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileRichard Branson’s knack for marketing and his eye for hot business opportunities have helped him bank huge piles of cash from music, airline and mobile phone ventures. Now he wants to bank something new, making a bid to move from cellphone mogul to stem cell czar, according to a Guardian Co./Press Association report. Stem cells taken from umbilical cords after birth are a source of material for new types of medical treatments.

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