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These kind of mice are an extraordinary resource for modeling human disease; for instance, research has found that mice that are genetically mutated to carry the BRCA1 gene (a human breast cancer gene) behave more similarly to human cancer patients than those mice who have had a tumor physically transplanted in. Also, knocking out the leptin gene in mice showed that this hormone regulated appetite. Now, leptin is used in treating some people who are obese [source: European Commission]..

298 points submitted 7 days agoI feel like a lot of white people (I white, for the record) don stop and really think about what this sort of thing must feel like, how badly it must affect you, or even how badly it must affect you to hear these stories from your parents even if you haven experienced something this bad yourself.There a lot of “that terrible” without really stopping and empathizing with what it would be like.I hate the term “white privilege” because it not a very effective term: non wealthy white people don feel privileged and many of them find the term alienating. But while maybe the term needs to be updated or changed, it is used to describe an underlying reality.TheRealDirtyB 2 points submitted 8 days agoThere were no advancement opportunities. And management kept spoon feeding me lies about said advancement.Basically, I hit my breaking point when I was put in the same glass room for three weeks in a row, and someone that was newer than me was able to do a live event.She worked tons of overtime, which is OK, good for her, but I stick to a rigid schedule.

I kept foster kids for about 4 years. When a father abuses children, many times his wife looks the other way. It is possible not to know BUT not when it is this extensive, not when he brought them home, not when he showered ALONE with them, not when he traveled with them.

Lack of formal education. People may down vote this, but a lot of the skills he obtained were from having a mentor and “on the job training”. Everything beyond that he has tried to teach himself. Good luck with the fast Carolyn. The strange thing is, even if you don’t eat chocolate, people keep giving it to you as presents. I’ve lost count of the boxes I’ve been given, then watched my family eat.

Penn State fits for sure. We got sanctioned a few years back (you may have heard, but the program has since been overhauled and nobody from those days remains) and have been on the rise back to the top since. Our recruiting classes keep getting better and better, there’s a ton of cool traditions, every single game is televised due to the massive alumni network, and there’s a lot of football talk at r/pennstateuniversity because the whole school is crazy for it..

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