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But as an occasional visitor to the city, I think I can see what you mean. I been dropped off downtown while my dad had a meeting there, and if you in the wrong part of town, it doesn matter how developed, dense and urban it is there is nowhere to shop and nothing to do. It was like a desert of office buildings.

20 years old and my single dad wont let me go. I feel stuck and guilty. While you feel like you are helping your Dad by staying with him and keeping him company, it is the fact that you are doing so that allows him to avoid making a life for himself.

Even my bifolds, which are bit more complex design wise, carry the same unfinished/raw look with our square edges and wide stitching. Most of our design decisions are based around making the production of wallets as efficient and durable as possible to get more life out of material that would be going to waste otherwise and I don try to shy away from my utilitarian motives.This conversation has been nice because it made me think a bit more about my company identity and how I personally define quality by realizing what we are not. We are not fine pieces of Leather painstakingly crafted under an artisans watch with burnished edges and a subtle beeswax finish and don aspire to be.

You call suggestions for “changing diet etc. ‘intelligent solutions'”, but, clearly Chloe’s less than BBC PC views of “harsher sentences” does not rate such a commendation. It must be hard for the BBC to find it is constantly out of touch with the majority because as was clearly demonstrated in the programme Chloe’s views on how to deal with unpleasant characters in our midst was the prevailing one!.

As someone who sits on the other side of this particular fence in my life outside of FSLabs, I am acutely aware of the importance of protecting free speech and the delicate balance between allowing freedom of expression and avoiding unsubstantiated attacks on the character and reputation of individuals or organisations. In my experience most, if not all, discussion forums on the Internet are quite cognisant of that fact and are generally quite proactive in ensuring that constructive discussion can continue without straying in to such territory. Even social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are quite responsive when faced with material which is untrue.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileMore Than One Way Home is a new series on CBC Radio in Kelowna that takes a look at different faiths and spiritual practices in the Okanagan, specifically Kelowna.Over the next couple of months Daybreak contributer Madonna Hamel will be taking us to church. We’ll also explore other places of worship and reflection to find out what it means to be a ‘believer’ these days.In the first of the series, we begin at the beginning, with a look at Native sprituality.The piece features drumming from the open drumming session held at Kelowna’s Metis Society every last Tuesday of the month. You’ll hear drumming from Metis Curtis Smith, who discovered the drums while in prison and went on to help ‘drum others back from the brink’ of suicide and despair.As well, Native mediator and teacher Judy Goodsky talks about the Medicine Wheel and the healing wisdom and medicine offered to us by all living beings..

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