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The remit was to use his poetry to explore his beloved Assynt in the North West Highlands. Although very much an Edinburgh man he was born there and worked as a teacher for most of his adult life in the city MacCaig spent every summer at Achmelvich, and then Inverkirkaig. Much of his poetry reflects his deep attachment to the particular landscape of this part of Scotland the remarkable mountains, the glittering lochs and coral beaches like Achmelvich..

/u/happypnt might not know it but he actually did. I zeroed in big bear yesterday and planned to hit the trail this morning but realized I better get my Kennedy Meadows resupply in order and shipped so it arrives in time. It also doesn help that my buddy has a place here in big bear and has been feeding me great food and beer..

I spent at least 9 hours mulling over how to make a consumable system that was balanced between letting people use consumables as they want to but not so freely as to have no downside. I wanted every use of the items to feel important when it needed to be. Using arrows when you want to but not so often that you use them constantly.

No Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Hordes in HoustonIn the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, the usual cabal of activists, government officials, and click hungry hacks in the media began their annual process of entirely fabricating an epidemic of Super Bowl related sexual violence. Once upon a time, the (wholly unsubstantiated) rumor was that domestic violence spiked during big sporting events like the Super Bowl, but for the past decade or so the hysteria has coalesced around sex trafficking. To hear the hysterics tell it, thousands perhaps tens of thousands of sex selling women will flock like cockroaches to cities where sports fans gath..

They were a race smart enough to create something to stop it, but they couldn think long enough to do it. This, of course, caused what equates to what would be an atomic meteor shower all across one of the most densely populated planets in the sector. They lost power, which led to rotting food, which lead to starvation, which lead to cannibalism, which lead to rather strange sexual kinks, which lead to a diminishing population, which lead their world leader to say “screw it” and blew the planets thermal core right apart..

Frankie travels to Russia’s most hardcore town to play an unusual game of football with a team who play the game at high speed on motorbikes. Thankfully their post match antics only involve being whipped with twigs in a sauna. Frankie then goes to St Petersburg, which is hosting one of the World Cup semi final matches, to meet Russia’s leading football historian and biggest collector of football paraphernalia, where he discovers that football arrived in Russia 120 years ago via the Scots.

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