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Your right, what the lady did to save her and her husband is why we have guns. But I want you to put this on a grant view now. The USA has been attack, they are here, they have beat our military back, and the cops are fighting for there lives. Reminds me of that movie Arranged where two religious women, one Jewish, one Muslim meet at work as teachers. They both bond over their shared life paths of arranged marriages. I never seen it but who has ever heard of Orthodox women with shidduchs in their lives working outside of a Jewish setting like this? Is this something that goes on in New York? Because in Toronto, we wouldn see this..

Unless Mr Kubrick had sole rights over this movie It should be seen by the public worldwide. This is a classic movie which has this director’s handprints all over it. I am sorry if it will shock some people but free speech is all about movies like this that go beyond the normal comfort zones of most people and force them to confront intellectually the emotions this film brings out in them.

I watched Piers interview with Jermaine last night. It was an hour long. I was impressed that Piers was an MJ fan and not only knew of MJ’s past history and attended 2 of MJ’s concerts but also that Piers was up to date with the CM trial and what has been ongoing since MJ died.

Upshot is that the workers that we have to take care of our families and homes don earn enough, she said. Work in extremely unpredictable and vulnerable conditions. And that not good for anyone. When asked about the economy and the Trump administration’s handling of it, Dalio said that, on average, the economy is in the middle of a business cycle, “which means that it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold, and the Fed shouldn’t tighten monetary policies. On the other hand it has a lot of debt and obligations pension obligations, health care obligations. When demographics play a role, that’s going to gradually squeeze things.”.

Comment number 3. At 22:17 10th Jun 2012, paul james wrote: I find it fascinating how science is full of sometimes heartbreaking examples of wrong time, wrong place or outright deception and lies. Maybe Will you could look at other examples for broadcasting, Bill Brysons “A Short History of Nearly Everything” is full of such stories..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileLegitimate businesses could probably learn something from spammers, who often identify new trends and move to exploit them far more quickly than the suit set does.When the stock market was hot, spammers were sucking in suckers by encouraging them to invest in low cost stocks the spammer owned shares in to pump up the stock’s value. When the market plunged, they started using subject lines that involved mortgage refinancing or debt consolidation. A few weeks ago, when people feared the Conficker virus was readying for attack on April 1, the spammers were hawking fake antivirus software.And what’s the latest trend? Why, swine flu spam, of course (which, by nature, makes a pun completely unavoidable, I’m afraid).Spammers are also making use of the fast growing social networking site Twitter, which saw its popularity soar even higher after celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Oprah joined the flock a couple of weeks ago.On Twitter, Swine Flu and swineflu were the top two trending topics on Monday afternoon.So perhaps it’s not too surprising that the security firm Websense reported Monday that it had detected tens of thousands of spam messages marked with the “swineflu” topic on Twitter.

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