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Dodgy impressions and extra special exclusive stuff from Chris Smith with TheI’m broken, bruised and a bit delirious from lack of sleep but what a ruddy marvellous week. I’ve absolutely LOVED visiting the wonderful people of Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. We’ve made it to T in the Park and the sun is still shining! In fact, it’s bloody boiling..

BBC Review Even after such wonderful past LPs, Sisterworld is perhaps Liars’ masterpiece.Ian Wade 2010Liars have been making music for a decade, and while they were initially seen as part of the post Strokes malaise of bands to check out, they sit much more on the extreme side of the musical landscape they were always more Pussy Galore and Sonic Youth than skinny jeaned new wave revival.2001 debut album, They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top, set out their stall immediately, taking the dance punk form and dissecting it into art noise. By the release of second album We Were Wrong So They Drowned a conceptual affair about witchcraft the band was capable of conjuring genuinely unsettling pieces of work. In 2006 they ramped up their perverse side with the Drums Not Dead tunes with films release, which pushed their wilful experimentation and abundance of ideas into near on unlistenable territories, something they reined in with a more straightforward self titled release the following year.Even after taking such previous form into consideration, Sisterworld is perhaps their masterpiece, showcasing as it does all strands of the Liars sound so far.

It was a defence that the Wall Street Journal raised when it was sued by a Saudi Arabian businessman Abdullah Latif Jameel and his companies. Initially the defence failed but was finally successful on appeal to the House of Lords. In their judgement, the Law Lords seemed to move the law even further in defence of careful, sober, investigative journalism, also recognising the principle that journalists work in a pressured atmosphere in which the life of a news story is limited..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My Profile1. Put onions, garlic, and vegetables in skillet with olive oil and toss with spices, saut over medium heat, stirring often, until the onion is translucent3. Tip the contents into a large pan, add the rest of the ingredients and bring everything to a simmer4.

We can become energy independent in ten years if the political leadership and will is there for this to occur. The people are hungry for some signs at the top that the American people can be trusted to do what is needed to accomplish this. We a little tired of being told to go shopping and everything will be okay..

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