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Interestingly, the double fisherman’s knot is rarely used in fishing. It’s common in climbing and other sports. Kayakers and canoeists, for example, sometimes use it with short pieces of rope to create grab handles for their watercraft [source: NetKnots].

No afterlife either” to “churches and everyone in them are nothing but brainwashed zombies who should all be burnt alive. Cleanse the world of this disease”. I tend to be on the more relaxed side of the spectrum. We also worked out, while packing for one of many moves, how to get rid of stuff. Here the trick: if you have a real emotional connection to something, keep it. No matter how ratty or worn out it is.

The Sony spokespeople also pointed out that their in camera anti shake technology will improve the performance of wide angle and standard prime lenses.One other feature that Sony was featuring at the launch is the viewfinder, which the company says is built on an earlier generation of Minolta viewfinders. Sony claims it is the best viewfinder in the high end DSLR market, with a 100 per cent field of view and .74 magnification.Sony has decided not to follow the trend toward a “live view” feature (where you can see the electronic image similar to the LCD feature in lower end cameras), but instead is offering what it calls “intelligent preview.” The photographer can get a preview of the electronic image , complete with histogram by pressing the depth of field preview button.That allows the photographer to adjust the image for exposure and white balance, as well as depth of field.It appears the bloggers and message boards were wrong about one thing, though. The Sony Alpha will be available (body only) in Canada in November at a suggested price of $3,300, a much lower price than the $4,500 to $4,900 that was reported on the web.

Hey, I not the drummer in the video, I the developer of the app being used. (Edit: I thought he was using the trigger on the controller, I was wrong) He just using an old keyboard and hitting space with his foot to play the bass drum. The app supports all sorts of pedals though, including electronic drum pedals and Rock Band pedals through MIDI, cheap USB pedals, and any USB peripheral capable of emulating keyboard input.

Yeah, Beth standing up for herself was definitely a surprise to her family, especially mom. I left this out of the post (didn want a wall of text) but mom tried to convince me that Beth is just being dramatic. I shut that down quick. Arvsskatt r ett bra stt att f stora pengar i rrelse istllet fr att ligga hos en och samma familj. Men jag kan se varfr folk inte diggar den. Jag tror att i slutndan s r det en bra grej s lnge vi optimerar skattespenderandet frn idiotiskt slsande fr slsandets skull.

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