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And your history is so fucked. This Soraya sounds like an utter loon yet your history has a few posts about how you shouldn trust women with claiming sexual harassment. And now you like “wow, this is really interesting guys, let listen to her talk about how terrible these progressives are amirite?”..

2 points submitted 1 day agoI agree we need voter ID laws yesterday but ramming it through not only looks bad but if the Dems do get crushed in the mid terms then their new war cry will be along the lines of how Republicans rigged the election. There would be a backlash and I doubt the walkaway movement would continue and maybe even go back the other way.Probably an unpopular opinion but I feel it’s not in the best short term interest. I feel we will keep both chambers with or without it.

Britta felt worthless, like so many of us, but Dan Harmon created something beautiful out of it and showed us why she wasn’t and why she wasn’t the worst. Britta was the part of all us that believed, the part that wanted to make a better world but didn’t know how. She was the part that desperately wanted to help because she couldn’t help herself.

If you’re considering making the move to mobile business communications, you’re in good company. Business users are one of the fastest growing market segments for mobile communications technology. IBM predicts the total amount of enterprise mobile users to grow at an annual rate of 21 percent in from 2008 through 2012 [source: Lotus Software].

Google has their own SEO guidelines on how to best optimize your website. The acronym isn inherently nefarious, it simply stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. That can be done in a way to subvert google algos, sure, but I think it unfair to paint the whole industry that way.

Here is a news flash for you if you are not aware; most of the men that wear pantyhose or tights on a regular or even daily basis are straight. Many of them are conservative even Republican men wear pantyhose. Religion is no barrier for most men to wear either.

King Lear too, surprisingly, if you edit a bit and give it a happy ending. Romeo and Juliet, I suppose (just look at Gnomeo and Juliet) but that was never a favorite, they can get that anywhere. As they progressed through elementary school I would come in to their class and give more and more advanced lessons as they got older..

Just want to say, I don know how to put it, but how fond I am of you, because you and I have known each other for a while, she noted. I think you are so good on the air, and you always been very kind. So I just want to wish you and your family everything wonderful at this time of the year.

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