Pre-Cut Shapes For Hand Made Greeting Cards and Scrapbooking

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Hi everyone,

       This web site has now expired and should not be showing at all. You can still order if you choose the pay by cheque option though, or just note the code numbers down and send your order through the post with your cheque making it payable to Dianne Jackson. Let me know what colours are required. Please note my new E mail address is

PS. I must show you some pictures of my gorgeous kitten, Charlie


Top 50 Crafters

Fold Back
Large round
Price from: £2.00
Code: FB22

Price from: £2.00
Code: C37

Wedding and Anniversary
Glasses & bottle
Price from: £2.00
Code: W37

Frame with 5 scallops
Price from: £2.00
Code: F12

Noel & stencil word
Price from: £2.00
Code: X2


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