Pre-Cut Shapes For Hand Made Greeting Cards and Scrapbooking

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Hi everyone,

       Hope you all have a very happy 2017. I just want to thank all my customers over the past few years for all your support. Unfortunately this web site will expire in March 2017 and I will not be renewing it. But if I still have the dies and you still want to order then please take a note of the code and you will be able to order over the phone and pay by Pay Pal, or send an order by cheque through the post.

   Most of the dies shown are for sale but can only be used on the large proffessional machines like the Accucut Grande Mark or Baby Grande. I am selling the dies from £30 upwards, plus postege, depending on how many elements are on each die. If you are interested in buying any particular die then please send me an E mail to discuss a price. I will be listing them on Ebay eventually though,

                                                                       Thank you all once again,



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Hold It Bear
Price from: £2.00
Code: C42

3-D tree
Price from: £2.00
Code: X19

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Price from: £2.00
Code: MS50

Price from: £2.00
Code: C37

Acetate spiral
Price from: £2.00
Code: MS51


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